• Music from the Movies

Music from the Movies
by Andrew Keech

Santa And Pete is a charming tale loosely based on the Dutch legend of St Nicolas, made as television film. St Nick is arrested for his beliefs and while in jail meets a young black moor, Pete, who becomes his companion on St Nick's pilgrimages helping those in need. They travel to the New World and bring Christmas to the children of New Amsterdam, discovering reindeer, red suits and an open sleigh on the way. Alan Williams supplies a wonderful score that is full of the delight and beauty of Christmas, which adds greatly to the film's poignancy.

The score drives straight into a beautiful theme, trumpet led, but wrapped around Christmas bells and chimes. This theme runs through many of the cues, but the composer cleverly weaves it into a wide gamut of emotions. Besides the obvious joy and happiness associated with Christmas, for which the theme is ideal, there are moments of great sadness and sorrow and some great over-whelming action passages that lift the heart and generate those all important goose pimples.

Alan Williams has shown great versatility with the wide range of his brilliant scores to date, which have included the IMAX films Islands Of The Sharks, Amazon and Mark Twain's America as well as feature films such as Who Gets The House, The Clubhouse Detective and Tiny Heroes. Santa And Pete is a touching, feel-good score, which though built round a single theme has enormous variety and keeps the listener enchanted through-out. Although issued as a composer promo, this is a score worth seeking out at the specialized stores.