Produced by Stu Segall
My Network TV
(50 Episodes)
Starring Tatum O’Neal, Kate French, Jessie Ward, David Colin Smith
Music Composed and Conducted by Alan Williams

Blythe Hunter (Tatum O'Neal) is a beautiful and sophisticated real estate magnate who was left heartbroken and shattered when her lover, Theodore Crawford (Clive Robinson), left her for Anna Whitman (Joan Severance); a woman with more wealth and prestige in order to advance his own career. 25 years later, Blythe is still hell-bent on destroying the life of the man she once loved. Theodore is the charming and distinguished owner of The Tides, a popular horse racetrack and gambling casino in San Diego which he took over from Anna's family after her death. He is the proud father of two beautiful daughters: the prim-and-proper Emma Crawford (Jessie Ward), and the younger but more headstrong Brooke Crawford (Kate French). He also is currently dating their former nanny Hope Lorca (Debbe Dunning). Blythe uses her handsome, twin sons as pawns in her treacherous plans; Aaron Spencer (Jack Krizmanich) is a fellow real estate agent who, desperate to win over his mother's approval, eagerly joins her in the plans to destroy Theodore's family. Blythe's other son is Josh Spencer (David Smith), a caring and sympathetic doctor who falls in love with Emma as Blythe becomes more and more desperate to destroy her former lover and his blissful life. Other characters include Madeline Crawford (Serena Scott Thomas), Theodore's supportive younger sister who is looking for romance any way she can. Lani Walker (Femi Emiola) is Blythe's long-suffering personal assistant whose sister Violet (Kim Porter) is a courageous and tough employee of The Tides racetrack who gets involved in an attempt to ruin Blythe's plans. Edward Hoffman (Tim McElwee) is Emma's current boyfriend who is cheating on as part of a plan of his own to get his hands on the Crawford family's money.