Directed by Zoltan Torok
Produced by Bo Landin
Music Composed and Conducted by Alan Williams

Iceland is the only country to exist in both Europe and North America. Born out of the rift that splits the continents on the bottom of the Atlantic, one part of Iceland belong to the North American continental shield, the other part to the Eurasian plate. Slowly, but surely, Iceland is being split in half – and the parts separate by a few centimetres every year.

If other landmasses and countries are old, stable – build on massive granite and harbouring human history dating thousands of years back into history, Iceland is young, vibrant and violent; almost like a rebellious adolescent exploding into the world to make sure it gets its own space and freedom.

This is the land that defies traditional seasons and creates the fifth season to encompass its life and death.

This film has three lead characters; a harbour seal, a puffin and a young boy (and his Icelandic horse). Through their eyes we meet the dramatic Icelandic landscape, created and devoured by the forces of fire and ice, and where water brings life and death together.

The characters will bring us under water and let us sink into the rift between the continental plates. They will bring us in contact with volcanoes and mighty glaciers and let us feel the roar and fury of the stormy ocean. But far away from human habitation and the ocean, life is shaped by the strong forces battering the landscape and in one of the most extensive wilderness areas still existing in Europe today only the toughest will survive.


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