Directed by Ronald Tobias
Produced by Bo Landin
Music Composed and Conducted by Alan Williams

Felis concolor ,the cat of one color. Able to reach speeds in excess of 70 kilometres per hour,and to leap 10 meters in a single bound,the mountain lion is the supreme blend of motion,grace and raw predatory power. Lion of the Americas follows two families of lions in the high mountain forests of Montana and the deserts of Utah,and explores their incredible struggle for survival.Threatened by trophy hunters,habitat destruction, and rival lions,only eight out of every hundred cubs will live long enough to raise young of their own.

The film uses high-speed Super-16mm and Super-35mm cinemato- graphy to capture the beauty,strength and grace of the mountain lion, producing some of most spectacular and beautiful images ever seen of the species.This film shows mountain lions as they have never been seen before,a symbol of the wilderness and an ambassador for the struggle of all wildlife in the face of man.


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