Directed by Sterling Van Wagenen
Produced by Bo Landin
Music Composed and Conducted by Alan Williams

From the beginning, the Dead Sea Scrolls have captured the imagination and interest of scholars and the public. The scrolls tell us of a time of ferment and change, of apocalyptic visions, and they shed light on the earliest days of Judaism and Christianity. Do the scrolls tell us an eyewitness account of Jesus? Was he a part of the monastic community living at Qumran in the desert?

After fifty years of scrolls research, two science films bring the legend to life, from the diverse perspectives of biblical scholarship, science and technology. The films bring together the most important scrolls scholars, archaeologists, and cutting edge technologies, to create a moving portrait of the Qumran community who left the scrolls. In 2002, after more than 50 years of study, the scrolls and the research will finally be published.


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